Aquaman 2 Production in Turmoil After Poor Reception from Test Audiences

Aquaman 2, Multiple Reports Show New Test Screenings Are Doing Terribly

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is in doubt after reports emerge of low-performing test screenings.

Many reports now confirm that Jason Momoa’s next sequel, Aquaman/The Lost Kingdom has been delayed for a while.

Big Screen Leaks backed up a ViewerAnon initial report that the Lost Kingdom was subject to half a dozen test screenings. This was even though the results were not favorable for the James Wan-directed movie. Big Screen Leaks says that the studio deliberately hid information about the DCU movie from viewers because “test screenings have not been good.” However, they claim to have heard that “something that rarely happens in test screenings occurred with this movie.” Sneider responded to these quips by stating that Jason Momoa had been rumored as a part of a long-rumored Lobo real-action project.

The first reports about Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom have been damning, considering months-long reports about the fate of the Aquaman film series amid rumors of Momoa being Lobo in DCU. This doesn’t include Amber Heard (Hypertext0_ Mera) returning to the film, whose presence is controversial following the defamation trials with Johnny Depp. Momoa has been teasing a DC Studios project he’s excited about since November. This was after a meeting between co-CEOs Peter Safran, and James Gunn. Although Momoa has not confirmed that he will be playing Lobo, he is an avid fan and bounty hunter of DC Comics characters. Momoa expressed his love for Aquaman, but he has stated multiple times that it is something he would like to do.

Sneider spoke of the original Aquaman movie’s “awfulness” which is a similar sentiment many critics expressed after the film was released in 2018. Momoa was praised for her work, but many critics have criticized the film’s plotting and dialogue. Despite those concerns, Aquaman enjoyed great box-office success. The movie grossed $ 1.149 billion globally on a budget as high as $200 million. In January, Momoa met Gunn and Safran, where he expressed optimism about the character’s future. “I feel f-king great. Aquaman’s not going to go anywhere, so it’s okay,” he said. “Everything’s gonna go well, we’re here and then maybe I’ll be dipping into other things.”

Aquaman and the DCU:

Aquaman/The Lost Kingdom arrives at a moment of great change at DC Studios. It follows the arrival of Gunn & Safran last October. A new movie and TV schedule was announced, along with the axing of Wonder Woman 3 as well the decision to stop featuring Henry Cavill as Superman. Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom were facing an uphill battle before Gunn & Safran arrived. Warner Bros. had reduced Wan’s reshooting budget to try and reduce expenses during restructuring. Wan’s budget has been reduced, reportedly to make it more difficult to reshoot the film which already costs $205 million.

The Aquaman 2nd installment also stars Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe Nicole Kidman, and Patrick Wilson. There have been discussions about whether Batman will be appearing in The Lost Kingdom. Michael Keaton has also been linked. Reports indicate that Affleck may not appear in the film. This is due to Affleck’s confirmed role in June’s The Flash. Gunn was rumored to be directing a DCU-related film. The future of Aquaman’s Jason Momoa remains uncertain.

Aquaman, the Lost Kingdom will open in theaters on Dec. 25.

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