How Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Might Lay the Foundation for a Venom Video Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Could Do to Venom What the First Game did for Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man was the catalyst for Miles Morales’ origin and led to his spinoff. Venom can have the same effect on its sequel.

Fans are eagerly waiting for more information about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Looking back at the original game in the series might help fans get an idea of what to look forward to. It allowed players to play as characters other than Peter Parker. Miles Morales, one of these characters, was even able to get his own spinoff video game. It helped bridge the gap between Marvel’s Spider-Man and its successor. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could do the same for Venom.

The trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 makes it clear that Venom is one of the main villains. Venom, a character from comics and films that has had a history of becoming an anti-hero and reforming, is also a common villain in other video games. As the first game demonstrated, players don’t need to play like Peter every time. However, the game may want to allow them to view the world from Eddie Brock’s viewpoint.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Can Echo Miles’ Adventure With Eddie Brock

Marvel’s Spider-Man sees Miles introduced at the rally where Jefferson Davis, his father, is killed by an attack. While Peter Parker is in control, Miles can be controlled by the players for stealth gameplay. Marvel’s Spider-Man story explains Miles’ spider powers. This story will help lay the groundwork for Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could easily accomplish the same thing with Eddie during the game.

While Eddie Brock may seem like a villain in the beginning, his motivations to fight Spider-Man are often more personal than purely ideological. Venom will often put aside his differences to fight alongside Spider-Man when he faces a greater threat like Carnage. It is possible that this game could depict Eddie’s transformation into an anti-hero, much like the first game did Miles’ journey toward becoming a superhero. This could mean that you play as Venom, or even a separate Venom spinoff like Spider-Man – Miles Morales.

Venom was a playable character during past Spider-Man Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 wouldn’t be the first Spider-Mangame to allow players to take over Venom. In 2005, Ultimate Spider-Man divided both the story and the gameplay equally between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock. Venom begins as a villain in the game but works his way up to becoming a hero. Spider-Man Friend or Foe allows players to control Venom or other Spidey villains through co-op, provided they have first defeated them during boss battles. Venom is also a very popular character in Marvel games.

Venom can be played in Spider-Mangames and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. will soon be available in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Venom is a popular Spider-Man villain and Marvel anti-hero. This makes sense. Venom fans would love to have the opportunity to play an entire spinoff as Venom. Insomniac would love to make more games in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. A Venom standalone game would be a great choice.

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