DC Comics Bold Move: Reimagining a Key Green Lantern as the Newest Flash

Flash’s speedster power in Lazarus Planet Omega temporarily becomes Hal Jordan and is immediately put to good use against King Fire Bull.

The following contains spoilers about Lazarus Planet. Omega #1 is now available for purchase from DC Comics.

Hal Jordan briefly increases Flash’s speed due to magical storms plaguing Earth on Lazarus Planet Omega#1.

The volatile nature that storms bring down magic can also disrupt metahuman powers. Earth’s heroes face King Fire Bull and the Devil Nezha. Their powers suddenly vanish, and their bodies are replaced with completely new abilities that they borrowed from other heroes.

Hal quickly adapts to being a speedster. He forgoes the Power Ring attacks to vibrate at a high frequency. This creates a whirlpool and knocks King Fire Bull off his feet. “Ha!” Hal exclaims. “I have been watching Flash do that for years!” Hal exclaims. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to try it!

Flash, however, discovers he has super strength that he can use to slug King Fire Bull. The telepathy from Martian Manhunter also affects other heroes, such as Superman and Jon Kent.

Flash is more than just fast

DC’s Flashes are able to tap into the Speed Force. This cosmic power is linked with velocity in DC Universe. These abilities include speeding through time, flying at supersonic speeds by rotating your arms and legs, and turning velocity into an infinite body mass to deliver punches like a white dwarf, a technique Barry Allen utilized in Dark Crisis#1 that knocked the Antimonitor across the multiverse. The Flashes can also create costumes using Speed Force energy in a similar way to Green Lantern creating constructs by concentrating their attention on a Power Ring.

Lazarus Planet has been a series of seven one-shot comics that also included nine tie-ins. These all focus on the strange new powers Earth’s metahumans face. These include Lazarus Planet Alpha and Assault on Krypton.

Lazarus Planet Omega has been written by Mark Waid. Mike Perkins and Riccardo Fedici illustrated it. Brad Anderson colored it and Steve Wands wrote the lettering. The one-shot includes a main covering by Alejandro Sanchez (David Marquez), as well as variant covers by Edwin Galmon. Riccardo Fedici, Bernard Chang and Tiago Da Silva. Felipe Massafera is also included. Jen Bartel and Pete Woods are the other covers. Ariel Colon is the letterer. Lazarus Planet Omega can be purchased now from DC

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