One Piece Anime Announces Hiatus With a Fiery Preview Video

One Piece’s latest episode announces a short hiatus between the next episode and reveals that the anime series will not return until March 19.

The ongoing anime adventures of One Piece will experience a slight delay before returning to fans in March.

After the release of “Sanji’s Mutation – The Two Arms in Crisis!”, a preview for the next installment was made available on the official YouTube channel. It was posted on Sunday, February 26th. The preview showed Episode 1054 and the news that the series will be returning to the air on March 19, after a three-week hiatus. Sunday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger with the intensification of the Sanji-Queen battle. The next episode, “Death to Your Partner!” is the title. Killer’s Deadly Gamble!

Trailer for One Piece Episode 1054

The preview video for One Piece Episode 10454 shows Killer and Eustass Kid’s struggles as they lose against Big Mom and Hawkins. After being tricked and accidentally bringing Kid to death by Hawkins, Killer takes a big risk to save his captain.

Eiichiro Oda wrote the manga. The latest One Piece chapter, 1076 continues the story with exciting developments. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures as he leads his crew of Straw Hat Pirates to the legendary treasure of former Pirate King Gol D Roger, also known as One Piece.

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Toei Animation has produced One Piece’sanime since 1999. It has produced more than 1000 episodes and 15 movies in that time. The most recent of these was One Piece Movie: Red which saw the franchise earn the highest box office figures in its history. Oda owns a Guinness World Book of Records space for having published the most issues in a single comic-book series.

Crunchyroll has the entire anime available for streaming. Netflix hosts the One Piece Stampede movie and an upcoming live-action One Piece series. The next episode of the anime will be streamed on March 19, 2023. During the wait, the Toriko and Dragon Ball Z cross-over broadcasts an English dub on Toonami on March 4, 2023.

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