Enhancing Your God of War Ragnarök Experience with New Game Plus Features

We are just a few days away from God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus Mode. Here’s what gamers would love to see in the title.

God of War Ragnarok came out in November 2022. It received rave reviews and was quickly nominated Game of the Month by the Game Awards. In a recent God of War poll, the sequel has been deemed the best PS5 game. As Ragnarok continues enthralling the gaming community with its emotional storytelling and gritty combat, players eagerly awaited a new Game+ mode for the Norse adventure. Sony Santa Monica has yet not to reveal any details about Ragnarok’s new NG+. Nevertheless, it is possible to draw many conclusions from looking back at the God of War NG+-related changes. While some features can be expected, others are highly requested and should be considered. Ragnarok will still have a few updates via its NG+.

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Cosmetics and Armor are the Most Wanted Feature

New armor and cosmetics are the most requested feature of God of War Ragnarok NG+. Many players enjoy customizing Kratos and Atreus with their preferred designs. This addition can be expected to be Ragnarok. Kratos received 3 new armor sets in God of War’s NG+ and Atreus got 3 new cosmetics.

One of the cosmetic items that Ragnarok players would like to see most is the elusive fur-cloak Kratos is wearing at the start. Sony Santa Monica will likely respond to players and include the item with the update.

It would be a welcome addition to the story if there were new quests

While the main narrative is key to the game’s emotional appeal God of War Ragnarok has many side-quests that are just as memorable. They do more than serve as an interruption to the story. It would be a tremendous bonus for players if an NG+ was to add more of the quests since the quality and variety of Ragnarok s sidequests have been often compared to that of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt_’s.

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More Berserker Gravestones for Trials and Muspelheim Trials are a Great Idea!

Like God of War’s Valkyrie’s Berserker Gravestones is able to summon powerful enemies, making it difficult even for experienced players. These gravestones, when touched, summon powerful Berserkers which drop unique loot upon defeat. More Berserker Gravestones are not only a challenge but also a great way to allow Ragnarok to include new armor and cosmetics into their game.

The Berserker Gravestones won’t be the only challenge in the game. Some of Ragnarok’s most formidable opponents can be found at the Muspelheim Arena. Many obstacles can be overcome in each Muspelheim Trial. The addition of fresh Muspelheim Trials, and loot to match it in NG+, would continue to provide players the God of War experience many of their characters desire.

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To help players overcome more difficult situations, further enhancement of gear is recommended

One NG+ feature added to God of War was higher difficulties. These were mods that increased the difficulty of the game and the behavior of enemy enemies. This will likely become a feature of Ragnarok. Players will have the ability to upgrade their gear beyond Tier 9. Sony Santa Monica may think that this will defeat the purpose of higher difficulties. However, God of War Ragnarok is difficult enough, so the option of further improving gear is much-needed.

A new set of skills could encourage you to try new playstyles

God of War Ragnarok provides skill trees to each of its weapons: The Leviathan Axes, Blades of Chaos, and the Draupnir Sparrow. Freya is not considered a weapon. The majority of players can unlock and enhance every skill within the game. This allows them to accumulate a lot more experience than they need. The game’s NG+ will allow players to increase their experience and encourage them to play in different ways.

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