One Piece Fan Art Beautifully Depicts Yamato and Carrot’s Friendship

In this new piece of One Piece fanart, Illustrator Chancil brings together two of The Straw Hats’ most powerful allies in this heartwarming piece.

These spoilers are for the One Piece manga, by Eiichiro Oda. They are available now in English via Viz Media’s Shonen Jump imprint.

One Piece fan depicts two Straw Hats friends creating a special bond.

Yamato and Carrot both have fan-favorite characters. They’ve been huge contributors to Eiichiro Oda’s heroes, but they barely interacted in the Wano. Chancil has now created a beautiful new artwork to capture the connection between these two huge personalities. Yamato and Carrot are both protectors from Wano. However, this charming design doesn’t reveal that. It even includes cute Jolly Rogers to help each character’s potential pirate crew.

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Is there a connection between Yamato and Carrot?

Yamato’s and Carrot’s notable connection, which may seem a spoiler for anime-only One Piece fans, is how close they came to becoming official Straw Hats. But, after Wano ended, they went their separate ways. It was difficult for some to swallow the decision of Oni Princess to remain behind as a guardian to Wano. Yamato quickly became one of the most loved characters in the manga, Carrot has been with the manga for a little longer. She made her debut during the Zou episode and helped the Straw Hats defeat Big Mom during Whole Cake Island. winning over her fans with her amazing fighting abilities, and her obsession with carrots.

The One Piece manga has said goodbye to Yamato and Carrot in 2022. But anime fans will still be able to spend time with these characters as the show announced a hiatus starting March 19. This is one of many delays the anime has faced during its adaptations of the Wano storyline. The series has grown to be quite the longest by quite a bit. Episode 892, which was the first in the series, aired in July 2019. However, this episode may have been the last. With the final battles with the Straw Hats and Beast Pirates heating, this run may finally be over.

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The next episode in the One Piece anime is “Death To Your Partner!” Crunchyroll’s Killer’s Deadly Gamble will be available on March 19, 2009. Fans can follow the manga’s progress in English on Viz Media.

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