How Rie Takahashi Tried to Prevent a Smelly Situation at Her First Live Show

VA Rie Takahashi reminds concert-goers to take care of their hygiene.

“P.U.!” “P.U.”

According to Anime Senpai, Takahashi (voice actor), was the first Japanese concert, “Rie Takahashi Is My First Life”, on February 26, 2023. Takahashi took the opportunity to tweet her fans a day before the show to remind them to keep their hands clean and avoid getting drunk.

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Takahashi was Trying to Create a Positive Experience for All

Some people found Takahashi’s advice offensive. While it was obvious that regular baths are necessary, it seemed unnecessary that Takahashi remind one to take care of their body odor. Other fans saw this as a display of Takahashi’s kindness. It showed her concern about her fans’ time at the concert. She reminded them to bring their tickets and wallets, as well as charge their phones.

There are hundreds of bodies packed into tight spaces, such as concerts and conventions. People sweat, and this can make it difficult to breathe. Takahashi was one of many people who took measures to stop stinky bodies. K-Pop fans who attend larger concerts have received deodorants at their entrance. Some anime conventions have posted reminders to fans to shower.

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Takahashi has been a vocalist for opening themes on various anime series like Girl Gun Lady and I’m the Villainess. A-Sketch released her debut album “Tomei na Fusen”, which reached 18 on Oricon’s charts. The voice actor plays Tomo Aizawa on Tomo-chan!, Sugar Peas, and Pepper in Urusei Yatsura.

Crunchyroll offers most of Takahashi’s works as a streaming option.

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