From Mutant Powers to Moonwalking: X-Men Veteran Professes Their Love for Michael Jackson.

X-Men #20 confirms that a veteran leader of the X-Men is also a long-time admirer of the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

This post contains spoilers for X-Men #20. The issue is now available on Marvel Comics.

Through the years, the world of the X-Men has seen numerous outlandish and thrilling stories. From traveling to space to exploring alternate realities There are always a lot of new adventures for Marvel’s Mutants. But one of the most lovable and enjoyable aspects of the X-Men has been the moments of fun found in the group, be it in interests or personality. One of the most memorable instances was X­Men #20, written by Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli. Federico Blee and VC’s Clayton Cowles. Magik demonstrated that she was one of Michael Jackson’s biggest admirers.

In the recent arc of X-Men In the latest arc of X-Men, the Brood has begun to act in a way that isn’t normal, attacking and infecting innocents. This shouldn’t have happened as the new leader of the Broo was kind. Through Broo, a truce was struck because he was able to control the hive mind without much effort on his part. Jean Grey and Magik checked on him to ensure. They were able to determine that he was awake and in control. He had his Broodlings dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The incident ignited Illyana Rasputin’s admiration for the pop star. That said, this funny moment is rooted in the classic X-Men miniseries.

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Magik has always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson

When Xavier’s original team of X-Men had graduated from school and were no longer in school, they became the New Mutants, a team that would also include Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik. Her early years were filled with problems as a captive in the Limbo world Limbo and spawned her notoriously humorous and sarcastic humor however also made her a hero. However, as an infant, she was not above light-hearted fun and this was best seen in the tense mini-series Nightcrawler written by Dave Cockrum in 1985. In the show, Nightcrawler was transported to an alien world that resembled a fantasy from the Danger Room with Kitty Pryde and Magik watching.

Throughout the drama of the series, Kitty and Illyana did their best to keep the series going. Nightcrawler as well as at the same time, the sexy heroine was sporting a Michael Jackson shirt, rather than a uniform. Jackson’s music was a huge iconic pop star, with many hits on every album. It’s not surprising that at the very least one of the students at Xavier was a Jackson enthusiast. Nevertheless, the fact that Magik is one of them who perfectly depicts the depth of her character even decades following the Nightcrawler series.

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Magik’s fascination gives her character more depth

Magik might not be the most fun-loving mutant on Krakoa however, that doesn’t imply that she wasn’t stylish or tasted in entertaining herself. The excitement of Magik as The Brood danced to Thriller and then followed along perfectly demonstrated how amazing Magik is. Sure, The Brood is dangerous but when they’re having a great time, Illyana would be the first to join in. However, the reason behind this is a part of her story and the personal lessons she’s followed ever since.

Magik lived a life where there was no guarantee of tomorrow. In the end, she needed to seek out the joy in life whenever she could as she didn’t know when it would return. However, watching her dance while a Brood crisis was happening was the perfect moment to capture everything about Magik. Magik is an avid dancer and her dancing in front of a fire was a fantastic opportunity to show her character. Also, it rekindled her passion for Michael Jackson, which proved that even the smallest Easter eggs can boost an individual’s personality.

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