One Piece Theory: Zunesha Was Punished By the Kozuki Clan During the Void Century

Zunesha’s connection with Momonosuke suggests that there’s a history between it as well as the Kozuki Clan from the Void Century.

One Piece‘s inexplicably elusive mysteries don’t allow fans to guess the likely outcomes. Zunesha Another mystery from the series seems to have some relationship with Joy Boy. Joy Boy is a key figure that lived through the Void Century. In the “Zou” storyline, Zunesha is helpless against Jack’s relentless pursuit and asks for someone’s permission to fight. The Beast Pirates seek to destroy Zunesha and eliminate the Mink tribe, a 2,000-year-old civilization. Jack goes beyond ruining the nation, he also returns to take down Zunesha and make all traces of the Mink tribe vanish.

What’s even more troubling is the fact that despite being massive, Zunesha makes no move against the attackers. It says that it was punished by someone for an abominable crime, and was incapable of doing anything other than wandering for hundreds of years. It’s impossible to hear unless Luffy, Momonosuke, and Kozuki Ode. After Momonosuke allows it, Zunesha responds and defeats Jack. The entire incident and the incidents that follow the incident suggest that Zunesha’s retribution and the Kozuki Clan must have some connection.

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What are the most important things Zunesha fans know so far?

Zunesha is a Naitamie Norida elephant. This is an animal that is giant and whose legs reach the sea floor. Zunesha has been the only animal of this kind that has been shown to date. They have two knee joints and long legs. Zunesha is a gifted eye, allowing it to perceive distant things and locations with the greatest clarity. Contrary to the extraordinary eyesight, Zunesha’s eyes are relatively small, with turquoise-ringed irises. The sunken sockets of the elephant make the irises somewhat difficult to discern, but the resemblance in its eyes with that of Mihawk and Imu is clear.

Zunesha’s skin has become very fragile because it is getting older. Jack can also inflict injuries to Zunesha’s legs with cannons since it’s wrinkled. Although it’s unclear if this species is immortal however one thing is for sure: these elephants live well beyond 1,000 years. Zunesha has been carrying the Mink Tribe on its back for a long time. So far, it is the oldest living creature introduced in the series, with its lifetime predating even the Void Century.

Zunesha is 35 kilometers tall, making her the biggest character to ever be created in the show. For an unknown crime it committed in the past, Zunesha was wandering around the sea, unable to do anything except walk unless explicitly permitted to do otherwise. Within the “Zou” arc, following gaining permission to fight from Momonosuke, Zunesha easily annihilates Jack’s army by swinging its enormous trunk. Dr. Miyagi of the Mink Tribe is interested in knowing the exact location Zunesha is heading. He believes that Zunesha has been on the move for centuries, with a goal in mind.

It can also communicate with people using the “Voice of All Things.” Although the scope of telepathy’s capabilities is not known however, it’s certainly wide considering Zunesha’s ability to communicate with Momonosuke within the “Wano Country”. Momonosuke claims Zunesha was Joy Boy’s comrade during the Void Century. Zunesha is still awed by Joy Boy to this day, and it expresses its nostalgia once Luffy’s Devil Fruit has been awakened.

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What makes this theory appear plausible?

During Jack’s attack, both Luffy and Momonosuke can hear Zunesha’s voice for the first time. Zunesha seeking permission to fight implies that it doesn’t matter who grants the permission if it receives it. Momonosuke commands Zunesha to take on Momonosuke. Luffy, however, is still trying to understand the whole thing. Zunesha is in Wano to assist the Kozuki clan but encounters an enormous fleet of Marine battleships. Zunesha communicates through the Voice of All Things with Momonosuke to request permission to fight for his cause and open Wano’s borders.

In Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakening, Zunesha declares Joy Boy’s return and confirms his role to be a “Warrior of liberation.” Momonosuke and Zunesha continue to discuss Wano following Kaido’s loss. The young shogun argues that this isn’t the right moment to open Wano’s borders. Momonosuke agrees with Zunesha’s choice, and Zunesha walks away from Wano and disappears into the mist. In their way, these events may seem like mere coincidences; however, Oda has a reputation for not revealing anything irrelevant. Zunesha’s capability to travel to this extent for the Kozuki clan is evidence of a previous relationship.

In addition, despite being punished for life, Zunesha shows no signs of anger towards the person who sentenced it. Instead, it blames itself for the crimes it committed. Luffy and Momonosuke are the only two characters who have heard Zunesha’s voice. However, the reality that just Momonosuke and Zunesha have such a bond is surprising, considering Luffy does not interact with the elephant despite being capable of communicating with it. The reality that Luffy does not command Zunesha to fight suggests that there’s more there than meets the eye. While Zunesha believes in Luffy, and Joy Boy in Luffy, they have not yet gotten to know each other one-on-one. Due to the historical connections, Zunesha will likely serve its sentence under orders of a member of the Kozuki Clan, specifically the head of that clan.

But, the possibility that Zunesha is walking towards something is another mystery since its destination is not known. The Kozuki Clan is a mystery that is believed to play significant roles in the Void Century. It’s also possible that it was the Kozuki Clan from over 800 years ago that speculated an important event was likely to occur in the distant future which would leave behind the traces of a pone-glyph to find out about the past. Toki is so enthralled by the distant future that she travels across time to witness that so-called important event. It could be that the Kozuki Clan is behind Zunesha’s punishment. It makes it more likely that they have a place to go and a future role.

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