EXCLUSIVE: New York Faces the Apocalypse as Spider-Man and MJ Split Up

Amazing Spider-Man seeks to uncover the truth behind Peter Parker’s demise, including his relationship and marriage with Mary Jane.

Amazing Spider-Man gives readers a peek into the horror that destroyed Peter & MJ’s love.

Amazing Spider-Man 22 by Zebwells (New Mutants. Ant-Man. ) and John Romita Jr., artist (Uncanny. X-Men. Iron Man.) The New York City of today is under attack by Benjamin Rabin. This old foe has close ties with both Peter Parker. Rabin is actually what dropped the couple, who were once happily married, into the middle of apocalyptic NY in a year. Here, the issue features them fleeing from a mosaic creature before being saved by a stranger with enigmatic powers.

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  • ZEB WELLS, (W)
  • Who are these mysterious people and what do they have in common with Mary Jane and Peter’s disappearances?
  • !32 PGS./Rated T…$3.99

Wells and Chris Bachalo first saw Rabin in 2008’s Amazing Spider-Man#555. He used his scientific and supernatural skills to defeat a band of undead Mayan warriors, calling himself Wayep the god of mischief. While Rabin was unable, the second time around, he marked Peter and Mary Jane for sacrifices.

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While Rabin’s latest actions are still being discovered, it is clear they are closely connected to Peter and MJ’s decades-long marriage. This is something that has loomed over the entire run of Amazing Spider-Mansince issue 1. These events, in addition to destroying Peter’s romantic relationship with Rabin, also alienated Peter from his friends and family. Editor Nick Lowe said that this story arc, which will conclude with May’s Amazing Spider-Man#26 reveals everything that happened before that. Lowe cautioned readers, “You might also be crying.” Zeb took me through the story, and I can attest to that.

Amazing Spider-Man #22 by Zeb Wells. Art by John Romita Jr. with inks and colors by Scott Hanna. Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna. Romita Jr., Hanna, & Menyz created the main cover art. Variant cover art was provided to us by Chris Bachalo (Frank Martin), Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, and Stefano Caselli. Amazing Spider-Man #22 is on Sale on March 22, 2023, at Marvel Comics.

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