Pokémon Journeys Music Maker Apologizes for Exploiting Young Girls

The Pokemon Journeys: Hidekazu Taka, the Series composer for the Series, confesses and details other crimes.

Hidekazu Tanahaka, the Pokemon Explorers musician has admitted his crimes of preying on teenage girls. This is the latest development in ongoing legal proceedings against Hidekazu Tanaka Pokemon Expeditions creator.

According to Otaku USA Magazine, the composer admitted to an assortment of indecent acts before Tokyo District Court. He admitted that he tried to coerce the girl, aged 15, into sleeping with himself by using “obscene” language in his efforts to seduce her. He then admitted to having offered money to her, saying, “I’ll send you money, so won’t you do that?” Before grabbing her. Police reported that Tanaka had been following the young girl on security footage. She reached out to the authorities. Tanaka replied to Tanaka’s crimes saying that he “liked her face” and “presence.”

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The Composer Blamed Stress at Work for His Actions

Tanaka continued to confess, and Tanaka discussed with Tanaka how it wasn’t just one girl that he had preyed upon. He claimed to have “spied upon women dozens” and taken lewd pictures of them. He even exposed himself at Yurakucho Station. He stated that he enjoyed the “thrill” of wondering if the police would catch them and that this was an attempt to relieve anger and stress at work. He was eventually caught and charged with attempted forcible sexual indecency.

The 35-year-old has had a long and successful career in anime. He composed the first and fourth opening theme songs for Pokemon Journeys. He also wrote the theme for UzakiChan’s Wants To Hang out! called ‘Ichigo Ichie Celebration’. Aikatsu!, Idoly Pride, and The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls are just a few of the other titles he’s worked on. The Side.

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Anime Franchises Disgraced Composer Separates Themselves

Pokemon Journeys has deleted his name from the series’ credits. A vocal group for UzakiChan’s Ichigo Ichie Celebration (the virtual YouTuber Kano) and Naomi Ozora the voice of the titular characters have announced that the song will be canceled. Kano’s official site stated that sales for this piece have ceased due to “various causes.” Momo Asakura, the vocal actor, has taken the song “Day and Night Dream” off her tour setlist. It was written and arranged in Tanaka’s composition.

The case will continue to develop, with his legal sentence expected to follow.

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