The Pokémon Anime Is Getting a Female Lead: Here’s What It Means for the Show

Liko is the first female protagonist of the Pokemon anime. This is the positive effect this could bring on the Pokemon franchise.

have enjoyed many loyal fans in the last 25 years. They are of different ages, and genders and are from every part of the globe. Because the series has been going on for, many years, it’s no wonder it’s a hit with many people. However, Pokemon is still waiting to find out more about the female characters.

With the announcement of the two new characters, Liko and Roy, there’s no doubt that a lot of new fans will be joining the fandom. Here’s how the Pokemon franchise will benefit from having women as protagonists.

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Liko offers female fans a Relatable MC

Liko will be able to connect with a lot of Pokemon female Pokemon fans when the brand-new Pokemon anime starts to show in Japan as well as the West. Liko, in contrast to Ash, will be the main character. So, her goals and ambitions likely will not be overlooked in favor of the sake of her male counterpart, thereby showing the audience both leads are more than simply Ash Ketchum’s substitutes.

As of now, Liko is a blank page for fans. They can see her dreams and expectations for her character. They also can think of what Pokemon they would like. Fans can speculate about their dreams and goals based on the plots of the anime as the anime is still at its beginnings. This is an exciting prospect for fans of the two most modern mainline Pokemon video games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The Pokemon franchise has not focused on the male protagonist or character who participates in battles at the gym to participate in the Pokemon League.

Some fans may put Iris in this grouping because she became the Pokemon League Champion of the Unova Region; however, Iris’ battles were off-screen. Fans therefore couldn’t enjoy these battles or see Iris as well as her team grow as she successfully pursued her goals and eventually became champion of the league. It will be thrilling for the fans if Liko decides to join the Pokemon League and become champion of the Paldea Region. The viewers will get to see Liko and her team develop as the series develops in the same way as they’ve watched Ash. While the gym’s leaders and coordinators are wonderful and well-loved and respected, it would be fascinating to see a female leader follow Ash’s example.

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Liko’s Goals Will Never Be Refused

In the course of Ash’s adventures in the series, in the series, there have been many women and girls who were important to him. But, they often took a backseat when it came to Ash’s goals. Liko’s ambitions and goals are likely to be at the forefront of anime along with Roy’s. This means Roy and Liko will, hopefully, receive equal focus and development of their characters.

Typically, female characters in shonen anime like Pokemon haven’t treated the same way as male heroes. Some creators make female characters too powerful or emotional, which can lead to them being labeled “Mary Sues” by their followers. Although it’s not a bad idea to concentrate on relationships or make female leads that are too strong, some viewers find these characteristics boring and unrelatable. Liko has the potential to provide fans with a relatable intriguing, fascinating, and fresh heroine. She may also give viewers someone to look up to as a positive role model for girls of the future.

It would also be interesting to see a female lead in the Pokemon anime after watching Ash in his adventures for so many years. Female protagonists would bring new and exciting stories for fans to look forward to. Although boys and girls do not have to be completely distinct, certain social norms apply to both genders. It might be fascinating to observe Liko is treated by the characters about Roy, the male lead. It’s interesting to observe that Pokemon fans are more attracted to Liko currently more than Roy.

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Liko against Ash: Who Is the More Effective Protagonist?

No matter how many viewers the Pokemon series has, the old ones will remain to compare the series to older seasons of anime. This implies that Liko will be as compared to Ash Ketchum. Since there’s almost no information available about the upcoming Pokemon anime Fans cannot honestly make a comparison between Ash with Liko. There isn’t enough information about Liko and Roy to be able to make any argument or debate.

While this notion may seem unappealing to many fans, this subject could generate an interesting conversation among fans. For example, If Liko decides she wants to go after gym battles to challenge the Pokemon League, many older fans will be comparing her motives with those of Ash. The comparisons can quickly become old, but as long as arguments are presented honestly, the discussion can be very informative and provide valuable information about the character of both.

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