Harry Potter’s Most Powerful Wizard: The One Who Could Have Easily Defeated Voldemort

Some many wizards and witches excel in one area of Harry Potter. But there is only one wizard who can master all aspects of Harry Potter and defeat Voldemort.

It is important to recall the controversial statements made by the Harry Potter franchise creator. CBR provides industry professionals with the opportunity to create characters that are loved by fans, and the entire Harry Potter world that fans have embraced as theirs. You can read CBR’s continuous coverage of Rowling here.

A lot of the Harry Potter franchise’s witches and wizards have abilities that go above their counterparts. The fame of Dumbledore as the only wizard Voldemort feared or the prowess of Gellert Grindelwald who lived seventy years earlier some magicians stand out from the crowd. One of the most famous instances of this is Merlin who was a cult figure within the wizarding world whose abilities in certain areas were surpassed only by his vast understanding of the art. He is the only character that can confidently claim the ability to beat Voldemort, and he does so quickly.

Although he was born a thousand years before the events of the Harry Potter series and was born around 982 his influence was still very much felt in the series’ books and films. He also has the unique opportunity of being included on the chocolate card Dumbledore as well as the Order of Merlin award. This commendation, which is awarded by the Wizengamot (an older organization than the Ministry of Magic), is awarded to individuals who perform extraordinary acts of bravery and achieve above the average. This is not the only first indication of the impact Merlin had on the Wizarding World throughout its history.

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Merlin was a Slytherin with Untypically Progressive Views

Merlin was a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry shortly after its founding and got separated into Slytherin House. Legend has it that Merlin used an English Oak wand to make great progress in his studies. When he left the school, Merlin joined the Court of King Arthur and became friends with Sir Cadogan which enabled him to secure the position of being part of the Knights of the Round Table. This was also where he became particularly notable for his competition with Morgan le Fay, often known as Morgana a dark witch with significant power.

He was very different from other Slytherins both during his time as well as now. It was because the Slytherin believed that muggles should be allowed to co-exist peacefully with wizardkind. He believed that witches and wizards should be helping muggles succeed. He founded the Order of Merlin to promote muggle rights. They also made laws that prohibit spells that are cast upon them.

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Merlin’s significant magical knowledge would be too much for Voldemort

The significance of Merlin’s legacy is due to his proficiency in various kinds of magic. He was a deep specialist in the use of charms, which earned him the nickname”the Prince of Enchanters. He was also an expert in the field of herbology as well as dueling, wandless, and spell-making. He was among the most skilled magicians of the time.

The main advantage of Merlin over Voldemort, Grindelwald, and other dark wizards was his ability to comprehend ancient magic, which is a more powerful form of casting spells. Although it’s not certain that he could utilize this kind of magic as quickly, there is substantial evidence that suggests the wizard did. As students of Hogwarts Heritage will be aware, the old magic can destroy the most formidable enemies with just one touch.

While the passing of time had prevented Merlin and Voldemort from ever meeting the other face to face however, it is a logical assumption that a wizard having the depth of knowledge that the former had would be able to defeat Voldemort in a duel. The creation of multiple blind spots was caused due to the Dark Lord’s exclusive concentration on the dark arts, as well as his rise in power. That was most notably seen in his failure to take into account the security provided to Harry by the affection of his mother. If anyone could make use of this, it’s Merlin.

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