John Wick 4’s Post-Credits Sequence Sets the Stage for a New Spinoff

There’s an enthralling post-credits sequence after John Wick: Chapter 4 that suggests a new terrifying task of revenge could be on the way.

The following article contains spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4 which is currently playing in theaters.

Chad Stahelski’s Johnwick: Chapter 4 unfolds, and Keanu Reeves’s assassin comes faced with the High Table’s anger for breaking its Continental rules. It leads to villains like Donnie Yen’s Caine and Shamier Anderson’s Mr. Nobody coming after him. There’s also a huge bounty, but in Caine’s case, there’s a twist.

Caine is pursuing his friend because the Marquis (Bill Skarsgard) has made it mandatory for Caine to do the job. The child of the blind assassin, Mia will be killed if he refuses to take the job. Fortunately, when John Wick 4 is over two John and Caine can escape their detention. There’s also a post-credits scene that doesn’t focus on John but is connected to Caine and triggers another blood rivalry.

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John Wick 4’s Caine Broke Akira’s Family

John Wick4 Caine is forced to leave Mia to escape the assassin lifestyle. John is a bit smug about his prior troubles. To save his daughter and himself, Caine goes after John. In addition, he takes out Hiroyuki Snada’s Koji in Osaka. But, when Caine raids the Japanese hotel, the Table’s soldiers also attack Koji’s fierce daughter Akira (played by Rina Sawayama).

Caine doesn’t let her go alive but he remembers his daughter. It’s not bitter, but it’s mercy. Caine even told her that he’ll see her soon. After his unwillingness to kill the victim, he is aware that revenge is on the way. Akira informs John that if John does not kill Caine later, it will be because she does not have the camaraderie or codes that these men shared decades ago.

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John Wick 4’s Post-Credits Teases Akira’s Revenge

Akira’s anger comes full circle in John Wick 4‘s post-credits pain when Caine is spotted trying to take flowers to Mia who’s playing her violin in public. Caine is eager to make a connection with Mia, but the brief clip shows Akira wearing a hood effortlessly blending into the scene and approaching with the knife. The clip ends there and sets the stage for a gruesome rivalry that is to follow. It’s once again all about tragedy and loss which is echoed by the way John lost his wife, but this time it’s a daughter that has been stripped of her father who was a hero, loyal and loving dad.

It’s not fair to Akira, but it’s the ripple effect of John receiving help from Koji. Koji advised him of this. Koji, however, was stubborn and rejected Caine’s offer of leaving the fight. Still, Akira doesn’t care about the situation — she’s only looking to get revenge. Akira can utilize her archery abilities and a knife to kill Caine. This could result in Mia following her, reminding fans of the vicious cycle of violence we see in our world. Seeing two young women who are driven by revenge can add a feminist perspective to the John Wick series, while also allowing viewers to be awed by the things Mia can accomplish.

It is possible to use Caine to your advantage. This could help Akira remove herself from the High Table. Koji’s infringement of the rules resulted in the High Table might be trying to take Akira who was the concierge, in its eye. Afraid of her guilt, Caine may end up hoping to do what John did not do by negotiating with the council before he and Akira resolve their differences. It would be a nod to John Wik 4 with John’s assistance to end their fight for independence from The Table. Caine could use this situation to get rid of the secret society which will never cease to be watching Mia and John, and fight one last time that will see him and Akira decide who gets a happy ending.

Check out Akira’s story on John Wick: Chapter 4. Now in theaters.

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