Midnight Suns Attendees Impressed by Realistic Doctor Strange Cosplay

The official Marvel’s Midnight Suns Twitter account recently displayed a couple of photos of a stunning costume of the game’s take on Doctor Strange.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns have a lot of costume designs for Marvel Comics characters. One fan came up with an amazing cosplay that was inspired by Doctor Strange’s latest style.

A few photos were shared by Cumberbatch (@thecumbermatch) on the official Marvel’s Midnight Suns Twitter account. Cumberbatch’s Midnight Suns costume design is striking and the editing magic is top-notch.

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This isn’t the first Doctor Strange cosplay as the title may suggest, he’s well-known for his striking resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch, the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Doctor Strange. Recently, Cumberbatch was invited to attend the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness world premiere, in which he, of course, arrived in the MCU Strange’s costume.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Twitter account has been showing cosplayers lots of love recently. They recently posted photos of cosplayers showing off Spider-Man. Similar to Doctor Strange, Spider-Man’s Midnight Suns threads are a bit more black-and-gold than the fans of the character are familiar with, however, the game will come with several skins to give the characters a classic appearance.

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Fans got some in-depth information about the role Doctor Strange will play in Marvel’s Midnight Suns recently by releasing an overview of the gameplay that highlights the character’s unique attributes. Strange is a useful support character in the tactical RPG. He can help and boost his friends and generate resources that they can use to make more moves. Strange can also use magic to regenerate commonly used items, completely changing the strategic layout of the game. The gameplay trailer describes him as “the most powerful support hero adept at fitting easily into the majority of squads.”

S and Microsoft Windows on October 7. While a release date is not established, the game will be available on Nintendo Switch. More of Cumbermatch’s costumes are available on his Twitter account, @thecumbermatch.

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