Biting into Character: A Flawless Sasha Cosplay Embracing Her Ravenous Nature

The character of Attack on Titan’s Sasha Braus is brought to life in this authentic cosplay of the perpetually hungry Titan-slaying Scouts soldier.

The loved “Potato Girl” Sasha Braus from Attack On Titan is perfectly depicted in this cosplay — complete with snacks.

The cosplayer Asya recently posted to Instagram to show off her version of the well-loved Survey Corp member Sasha Braus. Two photos were uploaded of her in the character’s Season 1 and 3 costumes. She was wearing the iconic brown jacket, with the Scout logo on her pockets and arms. Asya also wore the white shirt, white trousers, and brown leather boots combo along with her ODM braces for gear. The costume was completed with hair in brown that represented the character’s distinct hairstyle.

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Apart from the costumes, Asya also went a step further by bringing her character of Sasha to the center of attention. The way she did this was through props, beginning with the shot showing her holding a large loaf of bread, capturing the extravagant persona of the AOT supporting player. When she eats a piece of potato and holds several others in her left hand, the next image is her true “Potato girl” self. This is a complete reverse of her iconic debut, which saw her eating the baked potato during a Training Corps camp roll call.

Sasha Brau’s” Attack on Attack

Sasha Braus is a beloved character from Attack on Titan. Despite the intense plot, she was largely comic relief because of her love of food and her cheerful character. However, she still played an important role in the fight for humanity. She even placed as the ninth-strongest member of the 104th Cadets, after having completed her training.

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Attack on Titan’s initial three seasons was developed by Wit Studio, with the production of the show’s “Final Season” going to Studio Mappa. The final season, which began in December of 2020 was split into multiple parts. The latest episode, called Attack on Titan: The Final Season-Final Chapters Part 1, will be released on March 3, 2023.

The remaining members of the Survey Corporation formed a team with their old foes in this hour-long episode to stop The Rumbling. It was praised by the public, with the death of a significant character causing an uproar in the world of anime. The sequel to the “Final Chapters” and the conclusion of the Attack on Titan anime has a scheduled premiere window in the autumn of 2023.

The show is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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