The Boys Meets Its Match: This Gender-Swapped Homelander Cosplay is Scary Perfect

The Boy’s Twitter account has a perfect gender swapping of Homelander, the homicidal Leader of the Seven, the man who can do anything he pleases.

The Boys is the only cosplay that gives this gender-swapped Homelander cosplay the seal of approval.

A cosplayer using the handle @itsbellaxrose on Twitter posted a picture dressed as the leader of the Seven who is the antagonist in the Prime Video superhero series. She captioned her post “I’m Homelander & I can do whatever the F*ck I would like,” a reference to one of the most popular lines from the show. The boys loved the tweet, however, it was also noticed by the “world’s most formidable superhero”.

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The cosplayer later posted her outfit from Homelander and added the caption “You are our true heroes” an iconic phrase that was uttered by Antony Starr’s character. The post attracted the attention of Starr who was impressed by the article. The costume includes all the Superman similar features, including the blue suit, striped red and white cape with red gloves, collars with gold accents, and golden eagle shoulder pads.

Homelander was created by the writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson for The Boys comic series that was initially published by WildStorm Productions and later by Dynamite Entertainment. Although he’s mentioned in the title’s very first issue, Homelander makes his first full appearance in The Boys #3. The comics show Homelander’s brutality and murderous ways through illustrations of various crimes. ) But the Prime Video series’ adaptation has still given him his fair share of brutal moments.

In the show, Homelander is seen robbing his wife Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), and Becca (Shantel VanSanten), something he was later proven innocent of in the comics, unlike the show’s adaptation. Before Season 3, he uses his ability to see heat to kill one of the main executives of Vought International (the company responsible for creating superheroes and encouraging their destructive ways) Then, he let a plane full of civilians collide with the ocean, murders a group of Vought soldiers and more. Homelander’s latest season turns the character into a “homicidal manic” as per Eric Kripke. He is also seen forcing someone else to commit suicide, in an apparent resemblance to All-Star Superman.

The cosplayer is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok under the same username on every platform (@itsbellaxrose). Prime Video now offers Seasons 1, 2, and the first six T He Boys episodes. New episodes are released on a Friday.

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