Adorable Ash, Gary, Professor Oak, and Nurse Joy Cosplay Creatively Brought to Life by Pokémon Fans

A collection of Pokemon fans has shared their incredible cosplays featuring characters from the classic series on Twitter, perfect from the smallest aspect.

A group of Pokemon fans posted their astonishingly accurate costumes of the iconic classic characters.

Sofie Kruger (@Mary_Bones_Art) a German artist, has shared a photo of her and four friends dressed in the role of Ash Ketchum the famous trainer, Professor Oak the golden oldie, Nurse Joy, the generous caregiver and Gary, the sly competitor. The costumes are perfect copies of the ones used in the first Pokemon anime, and special details such as Oak’s bushy brows and Ash’s cheeks that zigzag brings the cosplay to the next level.

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The other features include the plush Umbreon perched on Gary’s shoulders as well as a sign that reads “Are You either a Boy or Girl?” Ash Ketchum’s Pokeball is in perfect style, and Nurse Joy looks like she’s been plucked straight out of Pallet Town. The iconic characters are a popular choice for Pokemon cosplayers because of their nostalgia factor and are widely admired by the staggered generations of fans.

Kruger’s Nurse Joy costume was her first venture into cosplay. It is a stunning debut. Kruger also posts her fantasy art and writing regularly on social media.

Pokemon fans have a history of creating unique cosplays. Some of the past ones include a two-person Arceus costume that was created in Japan, and an elegant remake of Trubbish by Mink the Satyr, a popular cosplayer. The voice actors of the series have also been involved in the cosplay world, with Pokemon Master Journey‘s talents Yui Ogura impressing viewers with her gym-leader Marnie cosplay.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Could Add Evolution Fans Needed for Many Years

Pokemon is in the 25th season of its current. It’s also known as Pokemon Master Journeys and has maintained its high level of popularity since 1997. Although the series has tried out new protagonists, most of the shows include Ash Ketchum as their main character. Each series sees Ketchum move to a different area, catch a team of new Pokemon, and take part in different challenges at the gym.

There have also eight different generations of Pokemon video games which include the latest installments in the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, expected later this year. It will be the first mainline game to feature an open-world environment, influenced by the popularity and success of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus spin-off that was released in January. The anticipation for Scarlet and Violet has reached a fever pitch with the multiple leaks, including the new Pokedex entries that have surfaced on social media. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’smap have also been reported to have leaked recently, seemingly confirming the game’s long-speculated Spanish setting.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violetlaunch exclusively to Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

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