Discover New Cosplay Possibilities with the Arrival of Stranger Things Season 4

The costumes in the latest Stranger Things season are perfect to put together your own closet cosplay!

The fourth season of Stranger Things has just premiered, and it is already driving the internet into a frenzy. It’s bringing back Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill as well as encouraging cosplayers. You can cosplay in any way you want, whether as a member of the Hellfire Club or even Nancy and Robin’s disguises there are many already-established collaborations or sewing patterns to create that dream.

Hot Topic is the ideal spot to find costumes for the most popular TV films and shows. Her Universe designs are a great example. Almost instantly, many options for clothing were added to the website (including an excellent replica Hellfire Club baseball t-shirt) and almost instantly the majority of them were gone. They seem to be restocking the more popular styles but this is a reminder that you should check the website just when, or even before, a popular new show airs.

Hot Topic’s sister store, BoxLunch also has BoxLunch, which is also owned by Hot Topic, and has an assortment of accessories for cosplaying including Lucas’ Basketball Jersey and Dustin’s Thinking Cap however, they will also sell fast.

Quiksilver and Stranger Things collaboration is another collaboration between the brands which is perfect for cosplay in the closet. The classic surf brand and the popular show have joined forces to create several cosplay-related items such as Max’s blue sweatshirt, Steve’s jacket in denim and Nancy’s coat in denim, and pretty much everything else Argyle. These pieces are selling out fast, so be certain to grab these pieces as soon as you can.

If you’re looking to take on a new challenge Try sewing one of the outfits Nancy and Robin were wearing for their meeting with Creel. It’s possible to search for hours in thrift shops and vintage shops for similar items, or you can create your own to be more accurate. This is also an opportunity to take on the challenge of sewing patterns from the past. The most difficult part is the change in size from the 1980s until today. Be sure to double-check measurements to pick the correct size pattern, and don’t depend on the latest sizing figures.

Both outfits are based on the popular 80s prairie style often associated with the brand Gunne by Jessica McClintock. Interestingly, this style has been making a massive comeback in the past few years, with a few vintage dresses going for thousands of dollars. Instead, you can save money by creating your own. For fabrics to choose from There are a few prominent websites that sell vintage or retro fabrics by the yard.

  • Revival Fabrics stocks authentic vintage fabrics dating from the 1920s to 1980s and their selection is constantly changing.
  • A Thrifty Notion offers not just vintage fabrics but also notions such as thread, buttons, and more.
  • Fabscrap offers a wide range of fabric choices for online shopping. They also have virtual appointments with a store member to help you choose the right fabric for your project.
  • There are also a number of Etsy stores to check out as well including LingonberriesAndMoss, FoundFabricsShop, and LyricalFabrics.Finally, if you need something to carry around all your cosplay pieces or your purchases at a con, head to the Jansport website for their backpack collaboration with Stranger Things featuring a unique “upside down” logo and even a replica of Jane/Eleven’s backpack.

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