Attack on Titan: 10 Remarkable Armin Cosplays That Bring the Anime to Life

Armin is the childhood friend of Eren in Attack on Titan, and fans everywhere are reimagining Armin because they love Armin. Here are 10 amazing cosplays!

Eren’s childhood close friend is Armin. Eren suffered the same fate as Armin but was able to stay calm and composed. Armin is a highly intelligent and sharp man. He uncovered numerous secrets that caused him to take the correct decisions in the cases of Annie and Reiner.

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He has now received a major boost thanks to Colossal Titan’s power. Erwin’s life is riding on his shoulders. Normal people are expected to experience the same reactions as him in the same circumstances. Fans love him for being honest and authentic. So fans from all over the world are cosplaying him.

10 Nerdy Look

It’s similar to Armin from the animated series, nerdy and cute. Mikasa and Eren have always been the fighters and Armin was the brain. He was the one who protected Eren when his titan power was discovered. Armin was the only rational of all the people who feared Eren.

sonry cosplay seems to love him and that’s the reason he designed this Armin cosplay so meticulously. The clothes are tightly fitted and he has his hair, jacket, and overall appearance on point. He could be reading a tourism book.

9 Female Armin

Armin is the only character with feminine features. He is akin to Historia in appearance and is in love with her. Female and male cosplayers can cosplay him because of this quality. Sometimes, females do it better.

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In this instance, LauzLanille is an actress who plays Armin perfectly. The wings of justice in her jacket are spot on and her straps are also correctly set. She already looked a lot like Armin, she just required a touch of makeup.

“8 In His Thoughts”

Armin was uncompromising about his desire for peace and hated conflicts. He was even more drawn into it. All of them made him suffer like witnessing Eren die. He was unable to deal with the loss of his friend from childhood who was a dream to travel with him around the world. He was in a shattered state.

VicissiJuice is a representation of Armin’s pain in his character. He is looking upwards at the sky with a blank look, reminiscing on the things he lost on his trip. He was able to view the sea.

7 The Sadness is Surprising He

Armin was a happy kid, with dreams and hopes. His life became difficult after the Titans breached Wall Maria. The only family he had left, was sent off to die at the hands of Titans. He wants to be happy and have a spring in his life but the fall is never over.

As with many other artists, fungus has been also influenced by Armin. He’s distracted by his thoughts and looking out of the window. The red hue of autumn is a reflection of the way he lives.

6 Having A Dream About The Ocean

Armin was initially shy and weak. He was shy, hesitant, and a bit timid. , he grew stronger during his training. He’s now active in every aspect of his life that involve killing titans most of the time. Pollypwnz did some work to make his costume stand out.

In addition to the costume, the mood, and setting are well done. Armin appears exhausted from reading books that are probably about the world outside. Their long hair of his is off from his original style but looks good anyways.

5 I’m Ready To Kill Some Titans

Attack on Titan costume designs is inspired by the fashion of real life. The straps serve another function aside from looking cool. They are attached to the ODM equipment and keep your balance. The designers didn’t simply put random stuff to make the characters look cool.

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Francisco-the-bear was a great photographer in this photo. He had all the small details right and went out into the wild to snap this shot, which is a perfect representation of the scene.

Four Scared, but Focused

This is another great illustration of a woman cosplaying as Armin. Ranmaru-Mori has done a great job in creating this Armin cosplay. She made the ODM gear look authentic by making it herself. The wires running through and through the gas cylinders make us believe that she could be using it in a matter of minutes.

The expression on her face is of doubt and fear. She has gathered herself together to take on the Titans. It’s as if Armin has come to life.

3 Having Fun with Everyone

What could be better than Armin’s cosplay? The scouts who are in a group cosplay. Yamato-Taichou said that they took these photos at the castle of Sforza in Italy. The castle resembles the structure inside the walls and sets the scene. Everyone is in a funny pose. Sasha has a habit of eating bread every day.

Reiner and Bertholdt, once again, have left Annie alone. And Levi has stopped Mikasa and Eren to clean. It was all good until Annie started killing everyone.

The Complete Package

Armin is a character that can be cosplayed with a basic white shirt, jeans, and a few straps. Check out the previous entries. The process can take 2 to 3 hours. Some people prefer to make their cosplay special like in this particular instance. She included every feature, like his swords, and ODM gear.

She has the right to label herself an Attack on Titan fan.

1 Armin and His Loved Horse

One thing that was not present in the earlier cosplays was the horse. This was the case here. The customer first had to create the costume. She then had to learn how to ride a pony. It would have taken her about a month to learn this.

The work has paid off. Her coat is also brown, and her horse’s coat is also brown. Without horses the scout is nothing.

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