Anime Convention Implements Ban on Non-Manga Character Cosplays

Neo Anime Oasis, a convention that is located in Boise Idaho, is a venue that enforces a strict costume code that prohibits costumes with no manga or anime and has received a lot of resentment from its fans.

Neo Anime Oasis 02 is one of the strictest fashion codes for anime fans will come across.

The Boise, Idaho event updated its website in advance of the opening of the event in June 2023 with a statement that outlines a strict policy regarding costumes that don’t draw directly from Japanese animation, manga, and games. The convention stressed that it is not an event that was primarily based on pop culture and, therefore it will be implementing a hall dress code that will not permit costumes that don’t “fit the overall theme of the event.” The convention claimed the policy was intended to create a more intimate environment and advised potential attendees to look for other events with an expanded range if they were looking for something with a broader focus.

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Neo Anime Oasis received immediate protests against its new policy from numerous fans of anime, a majority of whom identified the tone and content of the website as the main issue. The Anime News Network’s Mike Toole said that it appeared as if the person who wrote it was thrown into an angry rage, while Anime Herald’s Samantha Ferreira described the convention as “an extremely joyful event.” Neo Anime Oasis removed much of the content on its homepage. It has removed any mention of a dress code, and has replaced it with a statement “for anime enthusiasts who want to do things anime.”

Spy x Family Group cosplay channel Anya’s ditzy character

Anime Community Reacts To Restrictions

Neo Anime Oasis has not been the first anime convention to receive backlash however their rules are one of the strictest in recent history. Cosplay, although it’s an art form lets people express themselves uniquely and creatively. This aspect of the experience for fans isn’t available with strict “festival themes” like those at Neo Anime Oasis, which could be the reason for some of the frustration in the anime community’s collective reaction.

Neo Anime Oasis: 02 will be held between June 23 and 25 on the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise and the Idaho Central Arena.

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